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With reference to the Arab Spring, assess the utility of the Essay

Concerning the Arab Spring, evaluate the utility of the Foucauldian idea of obstruction, instead of the Critical Theory idea of liberation - Essay Example ies which were influenced, the protestors utilized regular methods of common obstruction, for example, showings, strikes, tranquil meetings and walks just as the utilization of online networking stages to prepare, bring issues to light, sort out and improve coordination between the protestors. A large portion of the shows were frequently met with savage constraint from the systems which they looked to challenge. For instance in places like Libya, the Gaddafi system utilized counter exhibit assaults in its endeavor to pulverize the well known revolt. While trying to comprehend the reasons for the ongoing Arab spring across most Middle Eastern nations, numerous analysts have progressively received both the utilization of the idea of liberation just as the Foucauldian thought of opposition. As indicated by Leonard (1990, p. 126), basic hypothesis is characterized as a study to the social treacheries which result from free enterprise, misappropriation of open assets and the commoditification of our contemporary society. Basic speculations endeavor to clarify the current social conditions, how such conditions have changed just as how they keep up their legitimacy in the evolving society. Then again, Foucauldian idea of opposition recommends that obstruction, for example, the occasions saw during the Arab spring are to a great extent a response to the control and unavoidable force. As indicated by Foucault, there can be no force without opposition. This paper basically dissects the basic hypotheses with specific spotlight on the utilization of Foucauldian thought of obstruction rather than the idea of liberation in the basic hypothesis. The two ideas of opposition and liberation are firmly related in that the two of them endeavor to clarify the endeavors by people and social orders to limit mastery, accomplish uniformity just as the endeavors to accomplish increasingly political and social rights. There are anyway various contrasts between Foucauldian idea of opposition and the idea of liberation. Rather than

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Satan in John Miltons Paradise Lost free essay sample

This exposition talks about the portrayal of Satan in Book 1 of Paradise Lost by John Milton. This paper gives a concise rundown and translation of Paradise Lost. The creator contends that Satan displays three qualities of chivalry, detestable and straightforward human feeling. It inspects why a strict sonnet that legitimizes the methods of God to man presents a convincing representation of Satan, the very epitome of insidiousness. To start, I will quickly sum up Miltons Poem, Paradise Lost. In Paradise Lost, John Milton adjusts the account of Genesis, as told into the Bible, into the type of an epic sonnet. Milton starts the sonnet by approaching an absolute necessity for help. Satan and his adherents are first appeared in heck, where they have been ousted for their resistance to God himself. The unpleasant ex-blessed messengers construct the castle Pandemonium, which goes about as a gathering lobby for the amazing and furious evil spirits. In Pandemonium the devils plot their retribution against God. We will compose a custom exposition test on Satan in John Miltons Paradise Lost or then again any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page They banter whether to retaliate for their fall by taking up arms against God and paradise, or by depending on dishonesty against God himself.

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What Learned Helplessness Looks Like in Children

What Learned Helplessness Looks Like in Children Depression Childhood Depression Print What Learned Helplessness Looks Like in Children By Lauren DiMaria linkedin Lauren DiMaria is a member of the Society of Clinical Research Associates and childhood psychology expert. Learn about our editorial policy Lauren DiMaria Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on August 05, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on February 03, 2020 Sigrid Olsson / Getty Images More in Depression Childhood Depression Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Types Suicide Learned helplessness is that state when an animal is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus it cannot escape. Eventually, the animal stops trying to avoid the stimulus and behaves as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness prevents any action or initiative on the animals part. While this concept is strongly tied to animal psychology and behavior, it can also apply to many situations involving human beings.  When people feel they have no control over their situation, they may also begin to behave in a helpless manner. This inaction can lead people to overlook opportunities for relief or change. And children are not immune? Learned Helplessness in Children Learned helplessness can begin very early in life, even at the infant stage. Institutionalized infants , as well as those suffering from maternal deprivation or inadequate mothering, are especially at risk for learned helplessness due to the lack of adult responses to their actions. It is also possible for mothers who feel helpless to pass this quality on to their children. Learned helplessness can lead to both anxiety and/or depression. Your child may develop  the expectation that future events will be as uncontrollable as past ones. Essentially, your child may feel that there is nothing he can do to change the outcome of an event, so he tells himself he might as well not even try. For example, if a child studies for an exam and still receives a poor grade, he may feel he has no control over his performance, so he might decide to give up participating and studying altogether. He may then generalize these feelings to other aspects of his life and lose the motivation to succeed, as he believes that his success is out of his control. Symptoms of learned helplessness may include: PassivityGiving upProcrastinationDecreased problem-solving abilityFrustrationLow self-esteem Hope for Relief From Feeling Helpless In one study of simulated learned helplessness, participants who received a therapeutic intervention following an unsolvable task were more likely to be successful at completing a similar follow-up task than the group who did not receive the therapeutic intervention. The researchers suggested that the therapeutic intervention helped provide participants with enough positive feedback about their initial performance to temporarily reverse the negative effects of learned helplessness on a second trial. Getting Help It is important to know that not all children react to uncontrollable events with learned helplessness or depression. Certain biological and psychological factors may increase a childs likelihood of experiencing learned helplessness and/or depression. If you think that your child may be depressed, or is showing signs of learned helplessness for more than a few weeks, it is best to have him evaluated by a professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. There are some mental health practitioners who believe that  it is possible to replace learned helplessness with learned optimism using cognitive therapy techniques. Other possible techniques include teaching your child to dispute their own negative thoughts and promoting their problem-solving and social skills.

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The World Of Technology And The Internet Essay - 1246 Words

In the world of technology, the internet has transformed the way we go about our daily lives. Forty years ago, only a few thousand people had access to the internet. Today, the internet is a tool that mostly everyone has access to. With the invention of cell phones, we have the internet at the tip of our fingers. The internet is continuously getting faster and smarter with the help of better developing technology. The internet use to only be used to learn how to build and use networks. With the access of lecture notes and two different articles, there are several different aspects between the internet when it was first founded to the use of the internet now. The growth of the internet will continue to create new technologies that will make it easier for consumers in the future. In 1958, the the Denounce Department created the Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA. This was the same time we were fighting in the Cold War. In order to survive a nuclear first strike, the United Sta tes had to find a way to decentralize data and systems control. The internet was a victory for the results of the Cold War. The internet was a survival tool for the United States. In the late 60s, the ARPANET was developed and put into operation in 1969. This advancement opened up new doors for the growth of the internet. ARPANET was the first to use modems, public switched phone networks, packet switching and linked research institutions. ARPANET went international in England and NorwayShow MoreRelatedInternet Technology And Its Effects On The World945 Words   |  4 PagesInternet technology is one of the booming industries in the world. These development increases transform of social and economic results or significance on various perspectives of our daily activities. It provides us with unlimited resource of everything in the world. Some of the main reasons that made internet indispensable in our daily activities are: - it is the main vehicle of social networking and entertain ment, it creates an easy environment for business activities and it’s a tremendous playerRead MoreThe Impact Of Internet Technology On The World867 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Internet history, security and technology are one of our generations technological advancement that influences and moving the world more in to a globalized system. This is my own personal perspective that showed and clearly stated about the benefit of this development and what is the positive and the negative that potential influence the world. What is an advantage of internet technology globally ? Surprisingly an internet history, security and technology have been overRead MoreThe Impact Of Internet Technology On The World855 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Internet history, security and technology are one of our generation technological advancement that influences and moving the world more in to a globalized system. This is my own personal perspective that showed and clearly stated about the benefit of this development and what is the potential negative that influence the world. What is a advantages of internet technology globally ? Surprisingly an internet history, security and technology have been over twenty-year’s sins activelyRead MoreThe Impact Of Internet Technology On The World Essay960 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Internet history, security and technology are one of our generations technological advancement that influences and moving the world more in to a globalized system. This is my own personal perspective that showed and clearly stated about the benefit of this development and what is the positive and the negative that potential influence the world. What is an advantage of internet technology globally ? Surprisingly an internet history, security and technology have been overRead MoreKey Features Of The Ultimate Business Disruptors : Internet, World Wide Web And Communication Technologies2226 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction The introduction of the ultimate business disruptors: Internet, World Wide Web and communication technologies have revolutionized the way business operates and improving the way people as well as the way people and organizations communicate and collaborate paige. The concept of Web 2.0 (Business 2.0) has earned a lot of prominence in recent years since it has positively changed the global landscape of businesses. Web 2.0 serves as a distinctive communications platform characterizedRead MoreIs Technology A Force Behind Globalization?1161 Words   |  5 Pagesthrough traveling, trading imports and exports, technology, and mostly communication. In particular, media technology increases globalization, it helps interlink people and it causes change globally. Google, Iphones, and social networks are examples fast growing technological trends since floppy disks.  In fact, communication technology is uprising, from the iPhones to GPS satellites, to media, and other communication sources. Even though using technology through globalization can have negative effectsRead MoreCyber World: Charms and Challenges1500 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The cyber world is the hot topic of discussion. With the advancement of the science and technology, human race are trying to excel their proficiency to compete the creations of the nature. Cyber world is definitely the first step towards the same path. The Internet is something that mankind feels to be an essential part of the life. We are living an era where life would nearly come to a standstill without the use of this technology. We have got into the trap of this cyber world, for which weRead MoreInternet History, Security And Technology866 Words   |  4 PagesInternet history, security and technology are one of our generations technological advancement that influences and moving the world more in to a globalized system. This is my own personal perspective that showed and clearly stated about the benefit of this development and what is the positive and the negative that potential influence the world. What is an advantage of internet technology globally ? Surprisingly an internet history, security and technology have been over twenty-year’sRead MoreThe Digital Divide: A Problem for Thrid World Problems Essay1325 Words   |  6 PagesThe Digital Divide In 1966, the world was introduced to a television series titled â€Å"Star Trek†, created by Gene Roddenberry, portraying fantasy technology that all members of planet Earth had knowledge of. The characters on the TV show used innovative tools such as Telepresense, Communicators, Phasers, and Universal Translators. In modern society these tools are used worldwide but they are called video conferencing, cell phones, taser guns, and voice recognition software, respectively. Another thingRead MoreUsing Computer in Researching Makes the Students Lazy1171 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Since the invention of computer and other technologies, lives of many people especially the students had the major impact. Computer made it easier for students to study. Internet is one of the major innovations in the computer system, and it is widely used all over the world. An information service like one of the uses of the internet is very dependable nowadays. On of the things it serves are t he search engines. Search engines are like building a digital library for the future. It

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Booming Effect The Baby Boomer Generation Essay

Booming Effect: The Baby Boomer Generation The ending of World War II led to one of the most influential generations today. Young males upon returning to the United States, Canada, and Australia following tours of duty overseas during World War II began families. This brought about a significant number of new children into the world. â€Å"In 1946, the first year of the Baby Boom, new births in the U.S. skyrocketed to 3.47 million births† (Rosenburg). This led to many events such as an increase in housing and the development of the suburb, consumerism multiplying, health care system, issues and a more recent topic: retirement. Men and women had to postpone any ideas for having a family because of the prolonged era of the Great Depression and World War II. In 1945, when World War II ended, the men came home, and they could finally resume their wishes to start a family. Almost exactly nine months after World War II ended, Historian Landon Jones said, â€Å"A cry of the baby was heard across the land† (â€Å"Baby†). By the end of the Baby Boom, children made up almost 40 percent of the nation’s population (â€Å"Baby†). This many children will have an impact on society no matter what. After the literal baby boom, families started moving start the suburb boom as well. The Baby Boom was a great way for developers to start up a business and buy land to make modest homes. This led to developers such as William Levitt becoming the mostShow MoreRelatedcase study 1 hgd Essay1004 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿What impact do you think the â€Å"Boomers† will have on the next 30 years in our society? Write a minimum three page paper in which you explain: What changes the individual â€Å"boomer,† as well as society at-large, will face?   Technology, religious view points, basic political views and philosophies, loss of prejudices, What will persons in both groups need to do to adjust to social changes resulting from this demographic shift? What are your thoughts on how to provide for an aging society?   DiscussRead MoreThe Cause Of The Baby Boom Era1264 Words   |  6 PagesWhat was the cause of the baby boom era? What made the adults want to have so many kids? There are many predictions that may have caused the baby boom such as the war and all the men coming back to their wives. There are many theories that purport to explain the causes of the baby boom. Among those theories is the belief that the increase in population growth was in direct correlation with the end of the Great Depression and World War II. This theory is explained by considering the decrease in fertilityRead MoreThe Aging Population in the United States and Its Effect on Our Economy2121 Words   |  9 Pages342 The Aging Population in the United States and its Effect on our Economy July 20, 2010 Aging Population 1 The population in the United States is aging at an unprecedented pace. For the first time in history, seventy percent of everyone who has ever lived is alive today (Isidro, 2009). The aging population and their imminent retirement will place an even greater strain on the country’s financial resources. The baby boomers; people born between 1946 and 1964 have influenced our economyRead MoreConsensus and Conformity Essays991 Words   |  4 Pagespeople to seek tranquility and harmony. The fifties were the decade of change led by president Eisenhower. During this time the nation was in an up rise in many ways. The economy was booming as the Gross National Product more than doubled from the past decade. Thus there was a rise in consumer spending which had a domino effect on the economy. Though it was unexpected, many issues arrived such as the fear of communism and the suspicion of communists hiding in the government. At this period the youth wereRead MoreDevelopment of the Ind ustry1073 Words   |  4 Pagesthe existence of over 200 Boutique Investment firms who provide expertise to their niche investors. There is an expectation of consolidation of these firms in view of the recent changes about slim margins but the market has seen disruptive firms booming without any old heritage and running successfully. More than 23 of Australian Investment firms are identified to be the Worlds Top 500 largest firms. The existence alone highlights the growth potential of the industry and the future of the industryRead More HGH: Fountain of Youth? Essay1196 Words   |  5 PagesIt is also not surprising that the anti-aging product market is a booming multi-million dollar phenomenon. We will pay thousands for procedures that make us thinner, stronger, more full of energy and less wrinkled. The new emphasis of the advertising world is not just looking young, but feeling young too. A large importance is placed on energy, vitality and mental awareness. In a time in our so ciety where the baby boomer generation is approaching their mid 50s, and the number of elderly AmericansRead MoreMarket Positioning : A Successful Marketing1465 Words   |  6 Pagesconsuming product such as non-fat, low carb products but are more interested in consuming â€Å"real† food with quality ingredients such as kale and nuts. †¢ The generation Z (1996-2010) has an enormous impact on today’s market. This generation makes up to 23% of the U.S. population. With the growing trend of technology and healthy lifestyle, the generation Z are naturally attracted towards a more innovative and healthy product. †¢ The concept of energy of living an active life, is increasingly growing in theRead MoreChanges in the business environment and labour market affect Human Resource Planning (HRP).1982 Words   |  8 Pagesmake optimum use of workers attitudes and to improve their job satisfaction (Nankervis et al. 1999). HRP provide more opportunities of working for women and minority groups in the labour market. Moreover, the HPR provide a tool for evaluating the effect of alternative human resource actions and policies. Nowadays business environment is multifaceted and complex, thus the changes in business environment will have a great impact on the HRP of the organization. By the definition of HRP, to be a successRead MoreSmall Business3396 Words   |  14 Pagespercent) was starting a business. Indeed, nearly 75 percent of those on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans are first-generation entrepreneurs! Self-employed people are four times more likely to become millionaires than those who work for someone else. According to researches Thomas Stanley and William danko, the typical American millionaire is first-generation wealthy, owns a small business in a less-than-glamorous industry such as welding, junk yards, or auctioneering, and works betweenRead MoreMobile Banking : The New Progression Of The Traditional Banking System Essay2126 Words   |  9 Pagesinstitutions; however, concerns of security and personal privacy have halted its implementation among the US population. Though it can be viewed as a broad topic, mobile banking is portrayed through its changes and advancements with mobile payments, network effects, overall international influences, market landscape, and mixed perceptions of security within the model. The market for mobile payments is growing at an all time high with a projected increase in global mobile payment volumes. In fact, payment transactions

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Electronic Cooling Free Essays

Undoubtedly that increasing the turbine inlet temperature is an important requirement to increase the gas turbine efficiency. There are external and internal efficient cooling methods were used to protect the blade surface from the failure. The internal cooling was enhanced by using rib, pin fins, impingement and swirl techniques. We will write a custom essay sample on Electronic Cooling or any similar topic only for you Order Now In a swirl cooling, the swirling motion is created by tangential inlet velocity that enhances the heat transfer compared to axial inlet velocity. More researchers studied the effect of swirling technique on heat transfer coefficient at different Reynolds numbers [1]. In this study four turbulence models of standard ?-? model, RNG ?-? model, standard ?-? model and the SST ?-? model were used to validate with the experiment. The validation results showed that SST ?-? model gave a good agreement with the experiment for velocity near the wall and Nusselt number through the chamber circumferential. The numerical results showed that heat transfer enhances in swirl chamber with increasing Reynolds numbers. The authors interpreted an increasing of heat transfer coefficient due to development in the thermal boundary layer and vortices interaction and increases this effect with increasing Reynolds numbers and in addition to increase the advection and the flow became more turbulent, more distortion and diffusion [2]. Also at increasing Reynolds numbers, a large pressure drop and large circumferential velocity generated [2]. Another study to decrease the pressure drop in swirling chamber was performed experimentally and analytically [3]. In this study two outlets were used instead of single outlet. The pressure drop decreased for case of two outlets because of decreasing the vortex strength. At increasing Reynolds numbers, the circumferential velocity and the pressure drop increased. The effect of five inlet jets with one outlet swirling chamber on the Nusslet number and pressure drop was performed [4]. The results showed that the Nusslet number and the pressure drop through the chamber for single inlet jet were higher than the case of five jets in case of fixed mass flow rate. Swirling action effect on turbulence intensity was investigated for single inlet and exit [5-6]. The results showed that the turbulence increases with swirling motion at inlet and decay along the chamber with decreasing the swirl intensity. The effect of changing the exit orifice on swirling motion was studied [7-9]. This study used three different exit geometry; large orifice, small orifice and eccentric small orifice. The results showed that different helical flow structures generated near the wall and around the centerline. Also the swirling number didn’t change significantly with these geometries and with increasing Reynolds numbers. Different swirl directions and number of film cooling holes effects on adiabatic film cooling effectiveness were investigated [10-11]. The results showed that the film cooling effectiveness can be increased or can be decreased depending on these conditions. Comparison study between impingement cooling and swirl cooling over Re of 7500 to 12500 was investigated [12]. They concluded that the swirl cooling and impingement cooling matched at high mass flow rate moreover the heat transfer distribution in the swirl cooling is more uniform in the axial direction. Another study investigated the augmentation of heat transfer by swirl cooling techniques in slot shaped channel with aspect ratio of 3:1 and jets issuing from side walls [13-15]. They used different configurations to enhance the swirl flow in the channel. The effect of flow redirection on the heat transfer by using three different outlet geometries; straight, tangential, 180Â ° bend outlets was investigated [16]. The results showed that the heat transfer was higher by four times compared to an axial flow, but without significant changes in heat transfer for three swirl cases. The double swirl chambers with single and multiple inlet jets and with different swirl directions are another method for augmentation the heat transfer [17-19]. By using a proper swirl direction, vortex strength increased leading to increase the heat transfer coefficient. Four turbulence models of standard k, Realizable k, standard k and SST k were used to validate the experimental data of averaged Nusslet number [19]. The validation results showed that SST k model was good agreement with the experiment. How to cite Electronic Cooling, Papers

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Inflation Rates Essays - Foreign Exchange Market,

Inflation Rates The price of one currency in terms of another is called the exchange rate. The exchange rate affects the economy in our daily lives because it affects the price of domestically produced goods sold abroad and the cost of foreign goods bought domestically. ?Mexicans use pesos, French use francs, Austrians use schillings, and this use of different monies by different countries results in the need to exchange one money for another to facilitate trade between countries?(Husted 315). Without the exchange rate it would make it impossible to purchase goods in other countries that have a different currency. Day-to-day movements in exchange rates are closely related to people's expectations. ?The role of monetary policy would be to manage the exchange rate. A monetary expansion would tend to lower interest rates, thus lead to short-term funds flowing into foreign currencies, and so depreciate the domestic currency?(Corden 21). Throughout the history of the economy, the exchange rate has not always been controlled under the same monetary system. Foreign exchange is usually traded as bank accounts denominated in different currencies. Most of the trade takes place between the major banks and between banks and their corporate customers. Modern communications make it a truly global market. The rates vary by minute. ?Exchange rates changes are largely unexpected and so there is an important element of risk in multinational transactions that domestic transactions lack?(Husted 320). The closing rates in each financial center are reported regularly in the media. The closing rates of the previous day are listed in the morning newspaper for leisurely reading. There are two main typ es of foreign exchange systems: 1) fixed exchange rate, and 2) floating exchange rate. A fixed exchange rate system is where governments can set a certain fixed rate at which their currencies will exchange for each other and then commit themselves to maintaining this rate. Countries use an agreed-upon currency worth a specific measure standard. On the other hand, the unregulated forces of supply and demand determine the floating exchange rate system. ?During this, there is a trade-off between the rate of inflation and the current account?(Corden 86). ?If a country imports large quantities or goods, the demand will push up the exports imports large quantities of good, the demand will push up the exchange rate for that country, making the imported goods more expensive to buyers in that country. As the goods become more expensive, demand drops, and that country's money becomes cheaper in relation to other countries' money?(Gwinn 627). From 1870 to 1914, the exchange rate was determined by the Gold Standard. This system was a fixed exchange rate, and the way it worked was by pricing every currency in terms of gold. So in general terms, if X amount of one currency was equal to one ounce of gold, and Y amount of currency was also equal to one ounce of gold, then X and Y can also be exchanged. But this system had many flaws that led to a new system after all those years. The main problem with the gold standard arose due to the fact that the money supplied depended a great deal on the amount of gold held in banks, but the countries had little control over the money supply. If the demand for a currency exceeded the actual supply, banks were forced to ship gold to satisfy the individual country's requirements for the scarce currency. A flow of gold into a country obviously increased the money supply, which in turn raised prices and made its goods more expensive. This, in turn, reduced foreign demand for its currency. The n an example of how this relates to exchange rates is that if the total demand for a certain currency is decreased, the value of the currency also decrease. So more of it has to be exchanged for another currency to be equal in value. So because of this problem, the gold standard was replaced by a new monetary system. This new system was established near the end of World War II, and it was called the Bretton Woods system. ?The experts who had negotiated the Bretton Woods Agreement, and the Governments that had endorsed it, had been inspired by a desire to learn from